Rental Application

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The owner of the unit carries insurance on the building only. Neither the agent nor the owner of the property is responsible for damage to your personal property. The Owner/ Agent may require you to have and provide proof of Renters Insurance.

I/We certify that the foregoing information is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. The Agent/Owner has my/our consent to investigate my/our credit report and verify employment, income, landlord and personal references and to collect a fee of $35.00 per report, which is non-refundable and good for the day it is obtained. All persons over the age of 18 must be on the application and lease agreement. All questions must be answered in full and in the event application(s) withhold or give false information, this application which becomes part of the lease may be terminated by the Agent/Owner. Applicant(s) expressly authorizes Owner or Owners agent, including a collection agency to obtain consumer credit report and information from the internet, which Owner or Owners agent may use if attempting to collect past due rent payments, late fees, or other charges from Resident, both during the term of the lease and thereafter. If application is approved, the applicant agrees to sign the normal lease agreement used for this property and agrees to put up the deposit before receiving keys and taking possession of the property. If applicant(s), after approval, do not sign the lease, when presented to the applicant(s), any deposit paid by applicant(s) may be forfeited. The deposit must be received within 48 hours of approval of tenancy. Agent/Owner has the responsibility to offer equal service to all prospective tenants pursuant to local, state and federal fair housing laws. Properties shall be offered without respect to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or elderliness. You are hereby advised that the agency/Agent represents the Landlord/Owner and your signature below acknowledges that this information has been disclosed to you. A copy of this application will be given to you if requested and attached to you lease. Applicant understands that the Realtor works for the owner. Cross Management is not liable for any injury that may occur while viewing any rental property.

MEGAN'S LAW, State of Virginia: Prospective tenant(s) or Purchasers should exercise whatever due diligence they deem necessary with respect to information on any sexual offenders registered under Chapter 23 (   19.2-387 et seg. ) of Title 19.2, whether the owner proceeds under subdivision 1 or 2 of subsection A of   55-519. Such information may be obtained by contacting your local police department or the Department of State Police, Central Criminal Records Exchange, at 804-674-2000.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, YOU MAY WANT TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE. EMAIL: We will be using email for any and all notices that need to be sent to the tenant.